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The ' Card Holder' is the wallet designed for cyclists by Miss Grape. You can carry everything you need in very little space. Designed for those who don't want to carry big, boring wallets. Just pull the flap to take out your cards, it's that simple. The ideal is to carry up to 6 cards and several banknotes. Thanks to the reflective tape, you can find it even if you drop it in the middle of the night.

Technical Specifications
Handmade in Italy.
Capacity: up to 6 cards.
You can also bring banknotes.
Reflective tape.
Material: Polyester 420 nylon 300 dotted fabric with water-repellent polyurethane resin 10,000 water column, tear-resistant with high mechanical strength.
Customised polypropylene ribbons, colour black/green and black.
Dimensions: 9x6x1 cm

Totally secure thanks to the 'tape' system.

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